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More broken armor. Uhh, Lyn, you broke your wrist...


And for some who are wondering why Lyn's sword is glowing green, it's an effect that comes with creating the Sanctuary Crest for that character, unlocking Divine Favor for their unique weapon, granting it 720 attack, it's insane. Everyone's unique weapon glows in a different color. Light blue for Ryoma's Raijinto, purple for Xander's Siegfried, orange for Corrin's Yato.


Looks like Caeda is ready for the honeymoon.


And I forgot to post Camilla last time. Those things are just ridiculous, dood. Yeah, I know your eyes are up there! Stop telling me!


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How're you enjoying the game otherwise?

1 2018-2-23
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@syrup I just finished the DLC maps. Playing as Navarre with Lyn's moveset was fun. People complain that there's too many clones, but it's like, everyone attacks the same way in FE games, I'm fine with it. Minerva is so much better than Camilla. Linde was actually kind of weird, didn't use her too much. Looking at Lyn's glowing green sword reminds me of lightsabers. Navarre's Wo Dao glows red and Celica's thing glows pinkish. Speaking of lightsabers, Bayonetta has one too, at least in the first game, can't remember if there's a lightsaber in 2. But I'm not done with FE Warriors yet, still have to get the rest of the crests, rank A supports, level up everyone, and badges. It's a never-ending grindfest. And Caeda's Wing Spear is probably one of the best weapons, she got so much better.



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