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FEWarriors, Nintendo, EmbraceTheDark, DivaCostume, DivaAzura
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Azura. So nice to hear that voice of hers again. She's pretty good in FE Warriors. I say, this is a decent Xmas present.
The Bond Charm is amazing, only 4 battles for A rank support.


I always did like her eyes. Nice colors.


And that smile is pretty. It sure does calm you down.


Her dark costume.

Spoiler alert?




That smile again.

FEWarriors Nintendo

1 2 442 Dec 2017


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@syrup It's a lot better now that Azura is here. Well, there's just more to do now. Level 110 cap, more History mode maps, new weapons, more grinding, some improvements in some areas. They even included The Water Maiden tune from FE Fates, it was the tune I used for My Castle in Fates. I like it.

Dec 2017
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