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Hi there! Here's my rant-of-the-day!
Today's rant is brought to you by: Emoji's!

I usually get along fine with just about anyone, but people who use to many emoji's just piss me off.
Well, I guess the amount of emoji's isn't really a problem, but the totally unnecessary use of emoji's gets to me.
It's usually old people who piss me off the most.

One of my colleagues loves to replace as many words with emoji's as humanly possible.
He's somewhere in his late 50's, and would rather use a train emoji than just typing the 5 damn letters.
Please don't act like my 10 year old nephew when you're sending messages to everyone in the company.

Please stop unnecessary emoji use!

4 2 888 Feb 2018


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Yeah it's pretty "annoying" to see, I see it a lot on twitter.

Feb 2018
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do �'� not �'� act �'� like �'� an �'� idiot

Feb 2018
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