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Maplestory, Eitherway, Henesys, Tablets, Game
HawtNoodle avatar

2 years ago I made a simple game for Tablets as a school finals project (Also works on phones but may cause bad resolution/clipping).
It's pretty much inspired/based on Henesys PQ from Maplestory.

You can check it out here: Comstoreappsdetailsidcom

NOTE: This game is far from finished but I've long forgotten how to code since I had little to no interest in it back in school, I mostly cared for the art aspect and thus will not continue to work on this, enjoy eitherway.

2 6 484 Nov 2016


RedEyed avatar

so you did it all my school final project was nothing as i didnt study anything in hs final exam was 1 lesson not 1 chapter 1 lesson i feel proud

Nov 2016
captain avatar

Nice! What'd you use to make this? The art is your own?

Nov 2016
Jackie avatar

This is cool! would also like to know what did you use to make this. I'm currently in the proposal staged of making an IOS game for my senior capstone. Anyone advice for someone that's not in the computer science field?

Nov 2016
Helpingly avatar

Wow this is awesome! I can definitely see how this was inspired from Maple. Too bad I don't have any suitable device for it :c

Nov 2016
HawtNoodle avatar

@captain: The game itself was completely made in the Unity Engine. Yes, the art is all made by me.
@Jackie: I made this in the Unity Engine but it might be very hard to use if you're new to it.

Nov 2016
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