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Raginroxas avatar

Honestly this E3 wasnt that good. I got Monster Hunter, New DBZ(made by arcsystems), and Metroid though.
What conference do you think stole the show?
watching Stream e3

1 5 409 Jun 2017


Gengar avatar

shh nerd it was great I get to get samus carry me across the world in her strong arms

Jun 2017
RamenFenrir avatar

I thought Monster Hunter World was the height of the whole event for me, but not much else stood out. It sucks but we gotta give it some time for these guys to develop good games !!

Jun 2017
Raginroxas avatar

@Gengar Metroid Prime 4 Hype! Its been too long!
@Kaneki I do agree that PS4's conference was probably the weakest this year. Hard for them to top the year they announced KH3, FF15,FF7 remake, and the ps4 pro thou lol.
@ramenfenrir Yea its what ive wanted all along! A new monster hunter in a up to date engine!
@Beefly It does look pretty interesting but, I wasn't a fan of all the QTE's. Hopefully it toned down in the release.

Jun 2017
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