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munyo avatar

I can't believe I drew this two years ago.
TWO YEARS AGO. When I was 17 and stupid.

7 7 821 Dec 2017


FriedClams avatar

Great drawing! Celebrate with chicken with black bean sauce!

Dec 2017
munyo avatar

@HawtNoodle I tell myself that to feel better, but there are so much better people than me. ): I actually got worse because I haven't drawn that much these days. I usually pull this out for samples, but it's a sample from two years ago.

Dec 2017
syrup avatar

I like it, nice vibe and fun with all the elements - flowers, gray / somber look of the main char and then that snoozy cat. It's all well balanced in a way that makes me go ... "huh?"

3 Dec 2017
munyo avatar

@syrup Thanks! This is actually from a music video. And the cat is actually my huge signature, lol.

Dec 2017
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