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Bedroom? If you insist. I mean you are pretty cute. He took my hand, I blush deeply. As we walked towards the bedroom, I pull out my bad dick. "Wow, I thought you were a lady." Well, whatever works!! *narrator* It didn't work. "It's okay my surgeon is the best". My surgeon did a good job on me. I was once a dog. Conveniently, he identifies as dog kin. Wow that's quite a surprise. You know what else is surprising? He had a 13 inch dog penis. It was red and everything, but like, as a joke. Anyways I fucked it. My parents are really proud of him for that massive honk. They were also happy with my ability to take such a massive dog... to think I was gay before.

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Rice bags.

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I can't believe you tricked FriedClams, you monster

Apr 2017
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you don't belong in a sushi resto! Go back to McD's!

Apr 2017
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