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"I like Donuts" Still drying to draw Japanese symbols right. I think i got something wrong in this drawing.

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I can read everything you wrote, it's just that I had trouble reading your Katakana for "na" (the last-stroke for it, yours looks like a full slanted curved line to the left. next-time, just draw a line going down and end it with a short slant to the left). Aside from that, everything is readable! Good job!
Just a tip here; your Character for "Watashi", you drew them too big. Next-time, draw the Radical on the left horizontally-shorter, in that case, you have space to draw the whole-thing so it can look like all 1-Character (your radical took up the space for everything). Also, FYI, the Hiragana for "de", the 2 apostrophes, when you hand-draw it, the apostrophes commonly go on top-right, not on the bottom of first-stroke (that's just how it looks like in computer). Also, the Hiragana for "ki", you drew it exactly like in computer, not according to the right-strokes (this is the right stroke for that; Wordpress ). Same for "好".
I highly suggest learning stroke-orders, don't write it according to what you see in computer(which is what I notice here). Proper stroke-orders make your writing more readable, not by how pretty you drew them. My korean-friends write in chicken-scratch, I can still read their writing because everything is written in proper stroke-orders.
watashi wa do'natsu ga suki-desu = I like donuts.
if you are saying this in first-person, you can just say "do'natsu ga suki (da)". You do not need to say "watashi", it is already assumed.

2018-1-3 | Edited: 2018-1-4