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Plant guide #4
After naming your plants you can give your leafy companions even more personality by sticking eyes on him or her.

5 8 649 Jul 2017


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@syrup Yeah pretty much the first thought I had, but then I remember everything has eyes in that game

Jul 2017
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* grow plants
* name plants
* consider them companies
* assign them a gender
* stick eyes on them
* talk to them!?

3 Jul 2017
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@syrup I see you're familiar with all the other lessons in my Plant Guide!
I'm 100% guilty of all of the above, that being said, this is the only plant I've ever assigned a gender. ...with hair like this it's got to be a she.

Jul 2017
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@random87 Sry I didn't preface with a SPOILER alert. I enjoy these kinds of photos cuz of their primary content, but also cuz it's fun to snoop at ppl's things - like your book and SMINT collection.

Jul 2017
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@syrup I completely understand
I'd love to see some pictures on here where people just show their desk/room
There's probably a lot of stuff you can learn about people just by looking at their stuff.
I think you'd also get to share some stories you'd never really think about sharing, maybe because you never thought it to be interesting until the internet took notice.

Jul 2017
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