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SuperMarioOdyssey, TransferYourUser, NintendoSwitch, SystemSettings, MarioKart
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How many of you have a Switch? The latest update sounds pretty cool:

* The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild (version 1.3.0 and later)
* Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe (version 1.3.0 and later)
* ARMS™ (version 3.1.0 and later)
* Splatoon™ 2 (version 1.1.1 and later)

The system update also includes:

* New profile icons featuring characters from the Super Mario Odyssey™ game and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game (check out all the mustaches).
* The ability to transfer user profiles and save data to another Nintendo Switch system. You can find this feature in System Settings --> Users --> Transfer Your User and Save Data.
* A pre-purchase option is available for certain games on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. This option also lets you pre-load the digital version of a game to your device, so you can play right away when the game is released. (The pre-downloaded game won't be playable until its official launch.)
* Additional adjustments and features for a more pleasant user experience.


1 365 Oct 2017


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Unless there is an update for Overcooked, then the update is unimpressive.

Oct 2017
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