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EternalMemory: I already mentioned it before I left BasilMarket and I kept on saying all the time; I am Cantonese by ethnicity(you can trace this on my Last-Name) but my parents are originally from Singapore(must be migrants!). EDIT: Cannot type in Chinese. It won't show here. Anyways, I do not know Cantonese at all nor do I speak it, but I'm fluent in Guoyu (Mandarin). In Shanghai, they have their own dialect called "Wu", but not many people from there speak it. You should do fine with Mandarin in Shanghai, Shanghai is Mandarin-speaking! You do not need to learn Shanghai-dialect, as I said before, it is not used much, in fact they are rarely used!
EricBB: @EternalMemory Oh, I know both dialects fluently, Shanghainese and Mandarin. I speak Shanghainese at home and was taught mandarin. Shanghainese is like my "secret language" which is why I continue to speak it. Whenver I meet a Chinese person I ask about their dialect and from there lots of deductions can be made!
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