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Kaneki avatar

i used the pencil tool (grainy) for this, but it looks more like crayon

2 5 172 Sep 2017


FriedClams avatar

Nice drawing! Celebrate with tuna tartare in an avocado cream sauce!

Sep 24
syrup avatar

that's really cool texture. Reminds me of that strange scratch paper that has rainbow-like colours underneath when you scratch it off? Idk what it's called. How'd you do the reddish bit?

1 Sep 25
Kaneki avatar

@syrup ooh, yeah i know exactly what kind of paper you're talking about lol. i used to own around 5 when i was about.. 10? and the red part was actually through a pre-made brush on this program called PaintStorm !! it has a lot of cool pattern brushes, so i like to use it often

Sep 25
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