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This discussion is right around 25 minutes long, the topic primarily being about the Road Trip concluding, going over quiz results, looking forward to CBT launching and a small prediction segment for when the game might actually release. It's obviously not slated for anything but I feel the numbers most times never lie. Who knows? Only time will tell.

Introduction: 00:00
Road Trip Quiz Results for Class: 03:22
Poll Results for most popular characters via Reddit: 05:15
Road Trip Quiz Results for Personality: 06:05
Fears and Worries about Future Updates: 10:13
Road Trip Quiz Results for Fashion: 11:49
10K Road Trip Winners, Good Luck!: 17:10
Release Predictions: 18:17
Closing out: 21:52

In this discussion we go over the three different Road Trip Quiz's and our results for each one, going over the most popular classes by reddit users, fears and worries about future updates, the 10K road trip winners being announced on the 7th and possible release predictions.

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Beta Road Trip: Nexon


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