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Super Mario Odyssey - E3 2017 Trailer (Nintendo Switch) - Youtube

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Nolen avatar i liked mario galaxy 2 but i still need to finish that
syrup avatar but don't you feel that the quality simply isn't comparable to a PS4 / XONE? Just looking at the lines in the above video you can so easily see the edges, they're so jagged. It's so last-gen or even o
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Horizon Zero Dawn, games, PS4, Console, Games

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captain avatar Wow, it's gotten some great ratings and the plot sounds really interesting. I don't have a PS4, but if/when I get one I would surely try this, thanks for the recommendation. What others are you into?
benevolentia avatar It didn't get me anything special - just a sense of satisfaction that I'd completed all there was to complete. However, I definitely think you miss some really interesting facts and snippets about the
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3DS, Playable, Console, Further, Lengthy

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