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Illustration, Comic, MaplestoryAdventures
HawtNoodle avatar

Maplestory Adventures: Page 2

One mysterious figure brought to light, another one arrives?

(Sorry if it's too dark, the brightness is based off of my own PC screen and may thus turn out way too dark for some people)

Illustration Comic

6 7 390 Nov 2016


Kaneki avatar

hello fresh one!!! LOL is it bad i chuckled at that

Nov 2016
captain avatar

Panel 3 - F6 was always my favorite. I like how the char goes from having legs to being some chess-like piece.

Nov 2016
HawtNoodle avatar

@captain: The chess thing is something new I tried, I felt like drawing a very stylized chibi character would look like a potato and kinda weird (since the lack of detail). I originally got the inspiration from the Nichijou series

Nov 2016
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