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Headshot, Doodle, Chibi
Kaneki avatar

assuming this is my last story of the week (looking at the left ??) here is a quick doodle of the best boy in existence

i haven't done a chibi headshot in forever so i might line this

7 8 423 Jul 2017


captain avatar

Pardon the confusion - that x/3 meter was not a limit so much as an attempt at encouraging people to submit at least 3 stories per week. I'll remove it since it seems I failed.

Great art! One of your better works I think, more chibi.

1 Jul 2017
Kaneki avatar

@captain ooh so that's what it meant LOL. i was sitting here thinking what to do after posting this, so thank you for the clear up :

Jul 2017
syrup avatar


Jul 2017
HawtNoodle avatar

Hmm he's crying and there's a tag called 'Headshot' I can only imagine of what is going on off-screen

Jul 2017
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