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Its National Cheeseburger day!

4 15 151 Sep 18


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Cheeseburgers are delicious! I like one with mushrooms, onions, and Emmental cheese!

Sep 18
HawtNoodle avatar

@syrup I don't know, I'm also totally against sanwiches. The idea of having all that stuff in between a piece of bread disgusts me deeply.

Sep 19
HawtNoodle avatar

@Helpingly Absolutely not, I just think it's disguting ( I did actually try sanwiches a few times ) I just can't.

Sep 19 - Edited: Sep 19 2017
Helpingly avatar

@HawtNoodle Lol that's insane to me. Sandwiches are like a staple food group here. Can you deal with tacos? o.o

Sep 20
HawtNoodle avatar

@Helpingly Never had them before, I barely go out eating at stuff like Mcdonalds and all that. I haven't even seen anything else beside Mcdonalds and Quicks around here tbh.

Sep 21
Helpingly avatar

@HawtNoodle You can get tacos at like Mexican restaurants though, don't have to go to fast food place. Are you good with Pizza? o.o

Sep 21
Helpingly avatar

Not gonna lie, I definitely thought this was a fried clams post.

2 Sep 18
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