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Reading an article on loot boxes in gaming. Having played MapleStory it was clear that many utilized the various ways to pump up their items / stats / characters. Yet, I also got the sense that people despised it.

How do you all feel about these kinds of things in game?


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The only boxes worth buying are McDonalds' Happy Meals because 100% chance of getting a fun toy or KFC's $5 Fill Up box because it will fill you up! Also, Japanese bento boxes because you are guaranteed all kinds of delicious food!

2017-10-21 | Edited: 2017-10-21
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Idc if they're cosmetic and give no stats boosts, but I hate it when it's like in Maplestory that you REQUIRE them to get better gear or like other games when it's special gear that gives boosts.

3 2017-10-21 | Edited: 2017-10-21
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@captain Kinda, since you could buy them with meso only. But that's the reason there's so many hackers in Reboot now so 50/50. 50 for a decend solution, 50 for all the hackers...all the hackers is one of the reason I stopped playing all together.

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@HawtNoodle yeah... sameish, it is somewhat telling that even all these years later they never truly put the hammer down on the hackers. Too bad...