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Sooooo yesterday I promised/threatened I'd post a plant-review here everyday, which was meant as a joke, but hey, I'm not doing anything useful, so here we go! Plantreview#1!

In today's review I'll be looking at the Hedra Helix! Also known as plain-old Ivy.

You might think "Why review ivy? not exactly the most exciting plant in the world.." And you'd be right, they're not..
But that's exactly what makes them great! The beauty of the Hedra Helix is in the simplicity.

But obviously tastes differ, so let me give you some real reasons to like ivy!

The first reason to like ivy is Caring for them, mainly because they hardly require any care at all!

The second reason to like ivy is that they don't require much space, just place them somewhere up high and let them grow down! Everyone's got room for ivy!

The third reason to like ivy is that they're measurable, and I mean that quite literally. Measure how far your Ivy has grown down since you bought them!
Only when the Ivy you bought "just a while ago" somehow reaches a foot further down you realize how fast time really goes by.

That's all for today, Come back tomorrow when I'll review Orchids! (maybe)
In the meantime buy yourself some plants!

(Also:Obviously growing Ivy outside is quite a bit different, and not always a great idea. I might come back to "outside-ivy" some other day)

(Also: Also: all the Game news is now on the side, well done mister B!)

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We have a tree in our frontyard covered in these leaves from top to bottom bark and all (not the leafs ofcourse).
As a kid I was collecting acorns once and a disgusting huge green spider cricket thing jumped on my sleeve...it freaked me out SO badly and made me cry.
Thanks for the memories haha.