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Pleasepleaseplease, Bought, Grills, Upload, Ficus
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The local garden centre is going out of business, 30% discount on everything!
Luckily I managed to keep calm, and only bought two new plants. (Ivy, there's always room for ivy)
I mainly just bought pots.
A while ago I bought a bunch of the same type of pots , and now I bought some more so I can keep the same theme going when I buy new plants, or when plants get to big for their current pot.
I also bought a stack of cheap pots for any future baby ficus.
All of the previous baby ficus have been given away, including their pots, so I needed some more of those.

Buuuuuut the real reason I went to the garden centre was to buy the bag in the background, forget about the plants, look at that fox!

Today is the first day of the sale, and the discount is going up the coming days.
I might wait a few days and come back to make some irrational purchases, all the things I convinced myself I didn't need today.
Giant axes, grills, manly power tools, and all that fun stuff.
Pleasepleaseplease make the picture upload thing work this time :O

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You have done an even better job of exploring and proving my point, thank you! Perhaps you are actually on your way towards making another 'frasierwave' album. See Businesscasual

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I'll get some guys with saxophones together.

I think I see where you're getting at though.
You can tell your friends about the deeper meaning of the photo, and they'll probably believe it.

For me the photo is an ironic representation of life in the current age.
We print the animals that are going extinct on the things that are slowly killing them!
The bag represents our need to consume!

The Ivy is just ivy.

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This whole photo is like an ironic hipster smooth jazz album cover waiting to happen. Well done! Gl ont he giant axes and grills and manly power tools!!