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Super negative rant incoming, please ignore if you are easily triggered.

Today, I decided to email M Y lecture notes to all the students in this one course I'm taking for a high cost of F R E E as an act of altruism for the holidays, since a number of students were begging for notes that the missed blah blah. Later that evening I received numerous emails asking me what topics I'm going to be writing on for the exam essay (which had been given out 2 weeks ago, and could be easily answered with the material from the lectures), because reading the notes I gave you F O R F R E E that contains all the answers is so god damn difficult they want more handouts even though I gave them my god tier notes the nerve of these little cucks I don't even know why i bother helping people anymore at least a couple of them had the manners so thank me ugh u gh holy hell u g h

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Well, that is called "lack of incentives". Nobody in this world is born stupid when they were born normal. To not be technically-dull, you will try to find out the things that you don't know about (especially things that you "need" to know and are "important"). If you don't know, you will try and find out. A human-mind is processed to learn and absorb new-informations, we all started from not knowing anything. What makes a person stupid in my opinion, is their lack of incentive to learn and wayward-thinking. Even the things flawed in one's life can be learned to be corrected. A person who do not know anything is more smarter than someone who has a backward-thinking. Why you ask? Because that person can learn to absorb and make himself a better person, while the other already has a sound-mind that will be hard to change.
I will just wrap this up with the famous-saying in English; "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he will eat for life". Well, to begin with, a man should have that incentive for himself in the first-place. Try not to give them the wrong idea. They run their own lives, they should make decisions and think for themselves as an individual, including things for their well-being.
If all information is already written, then they don't know how to read and comprehend (or is it that they just lack the incentive?). That is a form of stupidity.

1 Dec 2017 - Edited: Dec 17 2017
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P.S. and you are not alone, I've met my own fair-share of stupids from time to time, and I'm not even gonna rant about my experience.

Dec 2017
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I guess some people just can't be helped. Like, I would understand if you were a TA or something, but if you're just another student they really shouldn't be pestering you like this. Hopefully you aren't one of those spiteful people who would just give them the wrong answers.

2 Dec 2017
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@Helpingly Even on a teacher's perspective, it does not work like that. I'm sure everyone here have taken post-secondary-education. You literally paid for the program for the school to coordinate and compile the informations for you to be learned. A teacher is there to teach you in groups, but it is also "your" incentive that you go and learn from the materials provided(including the research that may follow). You can't expect the teacher to go and handhold you throughout (unless you go and pay your own private-tutor to do so for that purpose). I am done school and is working. When I was in school, I can say I wasn't a b*stard of a student like that (I had my incentive).

Dec 2017 - Edited: Dec 16 2017
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@Helpingly lol nah I wouldn't be giving the wrong answers since I was using them to study too, but I was s o tempted to take it down and only send the people who thanked me the notes lmao

Dec 2017
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Sorry to hear that. Please cheer yourself up with brownies!

Dec 2017
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What a roller coaster of a rant... you had me at GOD TIER NOTES, but lost me at "cuck"... idk why that word irks me so much. Anyway, sry to hear the lamers didn't get your altruistic act of kindness, lamers be lamers Don't let it get you down tho! There are always going to be these types of people everywhere and no matter what you're doing. Persevere and be positive.

3 Dec 2017
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I don't think the word "cuck" should be used, it does not produce anything constructive, but that is when you are writing an essay to project your view/argument supported with informations. But this is a rant(something informal), so yeah, let all your emotions out! I can take it to read other-people's rant, it does not trigger me at all, as long as the supporting-points in the content are actually reasonable and makes sense in the bigger-picture. If I red something illogical from a rant, then I may need to reply and counter that argument with my explanations (if the subject bothers and affects me that the illogical-points presented are actually turning to a consensus. This personal-rant by the OP on the other-hand has nothing to affect me at all, so I do not have any inclination to argue with any of the points. It's a rant about personal-life, it does not affect me, I couldn't care any less). We all have different point of views, but in terms of contradicting-views, it should be debated in constructive-manner with supporting-informations, not emotional-reactions because emotional-reactions do not produce anything constructive in a logical-discussion. Rants like this does not bother me to read, I have nothing to do with that subject.

Dec 2017 - Edited: Dec 17 2017
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@syrup cuck is that one word that makes me have an existential crisis because it sounds so weird but its a word

Dec 2017
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@syrup because you hate everything that is related to any community on the right side. "cuck" reminds me of /pol/.

Dec 2017
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