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KINGDOMHEARTS3ALREADY, MinecraftBundle, BlackFriday, SoulCalibur, Controller
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Black Friday haul, y'all. I finally got an Xbox One. GIVE ME KINGDOMHEARTS3ALREADY! Why is the wait so loooooooooonnnnnggggg? Did you get a good deal on Black Friday thing?


So looking at the receipt, I saved like $180.


Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle thing: (Original)$379.99 - (Sale)$229.99 = saved $150
SoulCalibur VI: (Original)$79.99 - (Sale)$49.99 = saved $30
Then I bought a pre-owned Rare Replay and Mario Party 8.
Mario Party 8 was on my wish list thing, a list of games I've been looking for. It literally was right beside the cashier desk. I asked if I could buy it and was able to. So now I have Mario Party 1 - 8. I ain't going to get 9 or 10 because I heard they suck. I'll probably get Super later when it goes cheap.

And then I bought a wired controller at Walfart for $30, because frig batteries.

Real talk though, SoulCalibur V was whack. I missed Taki and her, um, chest...

Am I even going to play Minecraft? Probably not. It was the cheapest bundle.

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Soulcailbur VI is many fun! The absence of Setsuka mades Quasar not happy. Just a many amount of day for Kingdom Hearts 3 to release!

1 2018-11-25 | Edited: 2018-11-25
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@Quasar Now that I think about it, I miss Kamikirimusi too. Maybe one day, Bandai Namco will make SoulCalibur Ultimate with every character ever, although the guest characters might be a problem (Link).

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Congrats! Mang, can I come over? What're you getting for snackage?

1 2018-11-23
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@captain Chocolate chip cookies, Oreos, and a fudge cake.