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syrup avatar

woot gz! I had to google that to see what they look like. and man... wth is that!?

1 Nov 2017
Helpingly avatar

@syrup Yeah, definitely weird looking, but the shiny just looked so wacky I had to catch it.

Dec 2017
FriedClams avatar

Congratulations! Celebrate with a prosciutto sandwich on your choice of bread!

Nov 2017
Eternal avatar

See, this is what I like about this guy!; We both want a game that is not instant-gratification and not all contents are easily made accessible. In this case, you get the feeling of achievement and reward. It is so rare for a game to have this in today's time, so rare, especially in online-games. Look at Crowfall, that game became a PVP-MOBA with no level-progression and the end-game-content is available to you right from the start with all the Skills unlocked. The game does not feel rewarding, because what are you gonna work for? We both choose the game we play.

1 Nov 2017 - Edited: Nov 29 2017
Helpingly avatar

@Eternal I don't know the games you are referring to, but I'm glad that my getting a shiny has made you like me

Dec 2017
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