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Wow, to think that these are mobile! Nuts. But also, kind of a shame that so much is mobile as that limits the depth, surely?

1 2017-11-16
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@captain It limits everything, from controls, to contents, to processing. The reason why almost everything is going mobile right now and the games are being dumbed-down to suit the casuals, is because we don't have a market anymore. Free-to-play-games/freemium are casual-friendly-business-model, only the whales will pay for the server. The problem is, today's generation(you can call me a previous-generation, I am 23 y.o.) is just too casual and not that dedicated anymore compare to the previous-ones. They just want short-games with instant-gratification without any grind. If there is no market, you will not see traditional-grindy-long-term-game with pay-to-play-model. It will never happen because business is business to the developers/publishers. Without a market, why should they? Games that you see today, reflects what the majority demands today(and that majority are casuals!). Sad, but this is the truth. Even I don't like mobile-games(it doesn't mean that the majority doesn't!).

2017-11-16 (Edit: 2017-11-16)