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Frig it. Mini review. Biogenik's Nintendo Switch Card Case 24 (not official name of product). It's pretty depressing. Cheaply made. Makes me wish there was a Club Nintendo Switch Card Case 24. RIP. This was the only thing I could find at the local mall. I had to buy it because I ran out of room to hold games in the Odyssey themed Switch carrying case thing. So, this Biogenik case, the little hook-like things that secures the cards in, some of them are already starting to split and break off. Some slots are really tight, and some slots are just fine. One thing that makes this card case unappealing is, you can't have all your games facing right side up like how the 3DS card case is, the top row has them upside down. It's because there's a small piece of protruding plastic in the slots preventing the games to be fully flushed in, this protruding piece fits in the small opening at the side of the Switch cards... I rate this 3/10. Was originally going to give it 2/10, but +1 for being red I guess. Horrible.





1 1262 2018-7-28

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