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Tuesday tunes has been discontinued because Nintendo. I'm sure you all heard the news. BrawlBRSTMs3 X got frickted, SilvaGunner or GilvaSunner (wtf, which one is the real one?) got frickted, many others got frickted. Exactly what I said in my last story happened. The tunes got taken down! That's that bullbull. Such a terrible existence to be living right now.


One last tune, dood (not really, I just won't post something every Tuesday from now on). This, for some reason, sounds like it came from Castlevania.

Trying to listen to Gaur Plain in Xenoblade is a bitch because the controller turns off after 5 minutes. Then a message appears on screen talking about the controller being disconnected, and that lowers the volume of the music. If I turn up the volume and accidentally touch the controller, the damn thing goes blasting. I know I can just listen to Gaur Plain in Smash Ultimate, but that version cut the ending part of the tune short.

Anyway, I'm still playing Fire Emblem Three Houses. I still haven't beaten the game once yet. I guess I'm on the church route right now. Just finished chapter 17 I think. I can't believe she did that. It was so obvious because she's wearing red. Damn.

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hey Dee! Are they selling the OST or something??

1 2019-8-23
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@captain No one knows what Nintendo is doing. I wouldn't buy OSTs if games already had sound test though.



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