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The best thing just happened to me yesterday.
Yesterday I went to a Nada Surf concert, the second time I've seen them live.
The first time I couldn't find anyone willing to go to their concert with me, so a few hours before their concert I decided to just go, jump in the train and see what happens.

The Gods and/or the universe must have been smiling at me from above, because that night was one of the best nights of my life.

At the concert I ended up meeting a long-time fan who was also left on his own, we spend the night buying beers and singing along.
It was so much better than what it would have been with anyone else, since he was such a huge fan we just understood each other, the fan-girling about the littlest details, the "I just love this line so much!" etc.
After the concert we went our separate ways without exchanging phone-numbers, and I figured I'd never meet him again.
That was about 1 or 2 years ago.

Fast forward to yesterday:
This time I converted a friend of mine to the Nada Surf fandom, so he was willing to come along with me, I bought us tickets.
I reminded him last week, but it turns out he forgot all about the concert and had to work that day.
Obviously I remembered the previous concert, so I figured "Screw it, I'll just go solo again"
I had to travel quite far, so I rushed in while the concert was just starting.
Since the concert was already in progress I couldn't really talk to anyone, so I wasn't able to meet anyone to hang out with
Luckily Nada Surf's set consisted of two parts, with a little intermission in between.

I was feeling pretty down, being there on my own,
Until during the intermission I went to get a drink, standing in line to get beer, and in front of me was standing the guy I met at the last concert!
He remembered me, and we continued the second half of the night proudly singing along at the front row.
He totally saved my night (again).

I didn't ask him for his number, we're both such big fans we'll there's no way either of us is missing any of their concerts, so I have faith we'll meet each other at the next one.

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