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I've been game hopping a bit recently - but we're just trying to find a game that both of us enjoy (my partner and I).

Right now we've moved to Diablo3. Neither of us have played D3 before (although we have played previous Diablo iterations as well as Path of Exile).

We're having a lot more fun so far, and this is more my partners style as well. I'm running a wizard and he's on barbarian. We are going through the campaign on Expert difficultly using non-seasonal characters.

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3 372 May 2017


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So you are game-hopping to find the right-game? I cannot do much about Revelation Online, seems like it didn't turned-out well for you, but one thing is certain; you didn't get to experienced it because you are too low-level. Not even 49 and Geared with a single-Gold. Really, the point where it starts for you to enjoy it(and experience it), is level 5x-something. You haven't participated in a single TW (and you will get 1-shotted there with your progress), so I can't really say that you experienced this game at all. It didn't turned out well, I understand, for a reason that you are too low-level to experience the contents of this game and what it has to offer.
I hope you find the right-game for you and your partner. I recommend you to keep an eye on Bless Online, however it may turn out, and for the meantime, take a look at these games according to order; Black Desert Online, Archeage(their newest-Server). Either one of the 2, but I highly recommend BDO, you just gonna invest money in it to catch-up such as your Awakening-Gears, it will turn out that you will come to love it and stay there forever. Immersion is what it has to offer, Traditional-MMO, and no Instances, not to mention it's Graphics and very deep contents and customization.

May 2017
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@EternalMemory - yes we are looking for a game we both enjoy.

I mean I get what you're saying - and the consensus is the same from what I've read online - we need to get to level 50+ to experience it properly. Personally, I think that's a bad model. Why should I have to get to the end before I experience the game? It should be engaging and enjoyable from start to finish.

It's all good though, I think Diablo III will be better for us as we can jump in, and run through the Campaign together from the get-go. It's also more my partners style, he's not a huge fan of MMORPG's like RO, but he did really enjoy Tera so I thought we'd give it a go!

I have been looking at Bless online actually! I just saw your post about it as well. We will definitely keep an eye on it.
I've been meaning to give BDO a try as well.. It looks fabulous.. Maybe after we're done with D3!

May 2017
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