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Third and (probably) final BabyFicus Update!
Close to three months ago I resized my fairly large Ficus-like-plant and put some of the cuttings in water.
All of them survived and started growing roots.
I bought a bunch of cheap pots and potted them yesterday.
Since I never dared hope all of the cuttings would take root I now have an unexpected problem, mainly: what the hell am I going to do with so many plants?
Luckily my sister visited me a week after the start of the experiment and told me that: "It's never going to work, but if it does I want one"
I'll probably select two or three of the most promising plants and put them together for my sister, since just one stem doesn't look like much.
Maybe I'll keep a few myself and replace their proud mother, (also in the picture) but I'd feel bad throwing out a perfectly good plant I've taken care of for a bunch of years.

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they're beautiful

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good to see that your experiment was a success