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Operation Baby Ficus has successfully reached stage 23!
(I think) I have managed to transfer my Ficus cutting from a glass of water to a tiny pot, in which it will spend the next few weeks.
The roots were becoming to big to fit in the glass, and I was afraid they might break if I left them in the glass much longer.
I hope I haven't damaged the roots to much in the process, since they are extremely fragile.
I'm not sure if Baby Ficus will stay alive in soil, so I'll wait and see how this one copes.
If he survives the next two weeks I'll consider this a success, and then I'll transfer the other 7 to soil as well.
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@captain !
Since I posted something about these plants before I figured a followup was in order.
And yes, I do have quite a lot of plants.
Sort of sucks though, when I fall in love with a cool new plant I usually don't buy it since most of my space is occupied by other plants

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Congratulations! Celebrate with coconut custard pie!

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Nice McGyvered silver-ring thing! Quite fun following your Ficus adventure, thanks for sharing. You must have quite the green collection growing in your room?