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Hey all, hope you're well! I just wanted to share an update on some recent changes.

I've merged and streamlined the story / thread sections to keep things simple. My thinking is that forum threads are almost entirely questions. It's true that you can have threads which are discussion-based, but on BZL the story feature serves that purpose. Hence, to keep things as intuitive as I can you can now either add a story or question. I think it's pretty self-explanatory, but tell me if it's confusing or if you have any thoughts on how to improve it.

One other important change is the 'add story' modal window. This is where you select whether to add a story or question. Selecting 'question' shows the question title input box. Also, you now have to select a community to post the story to. This ensures that your story / question "live" somewhere and are organized, rather than being lost in space.

Tell me what you think if you have any thoughts.


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