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Making, BZL
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Hi all, thought I'd run the updated BZL design by you before making it live in case you see issues or have thoughts on how to improve it.

It's live at Tv Don't mind the domain name, or the fact that the data is old, it's just a copy of an old version of the database.

Curious to hear if you think this is an improvement? Visually? Organizationally? Any other feedback welcome too.


2 778 Nov 2017 BZL Dev Team


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I like the part where it talks about getting a bag of potato chips!

Nov 2017
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Well, this is an open-topic-Blog @captain, make it look like a Blog where we users are the main-writers of it's articles/contents . Since nothing here is specific in topic, divide them by the following; (games, animes, art, tv-show/movies, music, sports, misc, chat) all via web-menu-bars. I've been to other active-Blogs and they are similar to this site (except that they are specific to certain topic/s. It is not really as wide as we have here, but they sub-divided them into sections of that topic. We can do the same in terms of our wider topics, what I meant is just separate our topics, no need to create sections of them because the term "games" is already too big to sub-divide. They are already vague to break-down even more). Look at Blog-formats as examples (like this one; Stackpathdns ) . A better format in terms of organization helps. I think it is better for this site to become a Blog(a Blog that accommodates wide subjects) than more of a Lounge(I think the activity can grow from that than what we have here now. Really, what we have is more of a Lounge currently. A Lounge is like a typical General-section of Discord, but if we can separate those in to Sections, that will not be the case anymore and will look more organized). That's my opinion/suggestion.

Dec 2017 - Edited: Dec 06 2017
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