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Hey all! How're you doing? Long time no chat.

Been super busy and sadly haven't had much time to comment, but it's been great seeing all the art and game pics.

I just wanted to share an update on that BZL redesign I mentioned awhile back. In the end, I went with a more simplified design, and am going to be focusing on making it more mobile friendly.

Please disregard the domain, it's just a test site I use for development. Depending on feedback I would like to roll this out to BZL soon and MapleStory2 too.

On the GMS2 note - how many of you are going to be testing? I haven't gotten accepted yet!

Be well, speak soon.

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I got accepted into the Beta and I will try it this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and the last Tuesday and Wednesday. That's it!
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, I'm busy on another game ( Imgur )
I will give a higher priority to the other game (I will not take losses in it for Maplestory 2).
If this Beta doesn't impress me, I'm choosing the other game and I will abandon MS2. That's how it works. The other game is almost over from feature-freeze, so things will get better and tests will be more frequent. I'll have to see what will happen in the coming r0.10 and r0.11.
At the end of the day, I'm choosing the better game. I can stomach if MS2 is a Free-to-Play Nexon-game, what I cannot stomach and will not stomach, is if it doesn't have long-term, immersive, and rewarding-gameplay with enough contents. When it comes to an MMO, these are the things that I look for first.

2018-5-5 | Edited: 2018-5-6
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I got accepted, but I ain't testing anything for nexon. Psh.

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Welcome back! I got into beta, very hyped to try it out.