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Greetings all. I hope you're enjoying your holidays and taking a good rest! I've updated BZL with a number of bug fixes and changes.

* the cover photo feature (ie, @hawtnoodle) has been updated to showcase what categories you post about as well as your various number counts (followers, likes, etc)
* there was a bug preventing the 'new story' form from being saved if you exited out of the form. This has been fixed. Whatever you type is saved in the form, even if you refresh or leave the modal.
* the link on the notification page for a liked comment was broken and has now been fixed.
* the list of newest teams can be seen from the front page
* image restrictions have been heavily relaxed. This means that you should no longer experience any errors indicating that your image is too big or small.
* uploading large images should no longer result in erroneous behaviour.

You can always email me via the contact form below if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.

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yay thanks b! if i don't have to resize the other pic, then massive image incoming!

Dec 2016
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