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Tuesday tunes, dood. Damn, Thomas Happ did everything.


I haven't a clue what's even going on in this game, but I did complete it to 100%.


I dunno, this game might have been good to play while waiting for a new Metroid game, but now that Samus Returns is available, Axiom Verge is just there. I guess if you prefer something that's 8-bit/16bit. The difficulty is comparable to the first Metroid game, just a bit easier, because you know, this game actually has a map system, it doesn't show where power-ups and items are though.
So many glitches and weapons and all this weird stuff. There's like 20+ different weapons! My favorite was the Lightning Gun, it's pretty much the same as Sylux's Shock Coil.
There is something like the Morph Ball in this game, but it's some kind of drone thing. When Trace activates the drone, a protective barrier shields him. The drone has its own HP and can be regenerated while not in use. The drone has some kind of wavy laser attack. Fascinating.

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