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Another update, this time regarding the addition of automated news sources. Have a read.

Recently, I announced the integration of social media feeds into the site. Essentially, this means that if you have an account on some of the more popular and relevant networks (for now Soundcloud, Twitch and Youtube) your profile page will automatically get updated when you post to those sites. This is a great way to get more eyes and ears on your content and at the same time have a single hub with your content.

As of today, I've added pseudo-accounts from various news sources - various indie software developers and news sites (a rotating list on the side column on the front page). This means that supported social media content from those accounts will also be integrated into the site.

In tandem with this update, I have added the ability to hide stories. There are 3 places to do so - via the 'feed' icon on the story list page (hover over it), when viewing a story (just below the image / video) and finally on the profile page (side column, towards the bottom). This will hide stories from that account from appearing on the front page. It's of course just as simple to unhide a member.

As we add more sources, I hope you find this latest update to be a useful way to catch up on all of the latest interesting bits without having to load tons of tabs.

Do let me know if you find any bugs or have any feedback. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!

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@random87: pardon, there was a little bug, you should see the feed icon now on the front page for the automated stories. Atm there is no page showing you all the accounts you are blocking, that is on my to do list.

You're correct that the front page will only show one story per member. This is a new thing and was done to prevent "doubling up" from an account which looks a bit spammy. I've gone with more independent news sources so I'll relax the limit to what it was before. We can revisit this again if/when it becomes an issue. Thanks for the feedback.

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What/where exactly is the feed icon? :O
Oh and is there a way to see all the people you're blocking so you can easily unblock them when needed?
Otherwise great feature!

I've got another question though, or maybe even a request.
I've noticed that - just like the pre-site-revamp basilmarket stories page - you can only have one story on the front page at a time.
Doesn't that limit the activity on the site?
Say I make stories daily, and some quick BZLr's(?) BZLee(?) start a conversation, but during that conversation I post another story, so now the story doesn't appear on the front page anymore, the people that don't browse BZL day and night won't even know any conversation happened!
How about a limit of two stories at the time?
I feel like a limit of two stories of the same person would still be good enough to stop spam.
And now, in the worst case you can just hide stories, which pretty much solves any spam issues.