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GREETINGSFROMOSAKA, Freakin, Auntie, Gonna, Holyy
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Currently staying with my auntie for the rest of October on personal reasons~ (ditching school but dont worry, online academies are a thing, plus I got permission from my counselor before-hand so gg lol)

So.. I ended up not sleeping for 27 hours.. since well.. my flight wasn't a very fun experience for me..
I always had really bad motion sickness when it comes to cars / boats / planes.. hell even when i'm just on an escalator I get intense motion sickness >_> ..

I'm glad i didn't puke though.. but was too nauseous to fall asleep.. plus the worry of puking made it even worse since I was on the edge of puking more than like.. 9 hours of the flight..

Once we got to Japan , first thing we did was find a hotel since me and my brother were tired af ..

Took around 40 minutes to find a freakin room for us, because apparently every room in that hotel was booked / taken.

By the time we got our room, 10 minutes later.. these couples were fighting and they were right freakin next to our room.. funny thing was I didn't understand a single fkin' word they were saying but holyy f it lasted for what seemed like hours and i'm glad its over
i'm gonna knock out as soon as im finished typing thi

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This is uber cuteness. HF in JP!

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Sounds like a hellish trip, and a terrible situation to have to deal with at the hotel, but you will have so much fun! I'd make some recommendations but you've got fam there so they will hook you up well I'm sure. So cool to have a full month there. Share some pics / stories please, would love to see!!

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Have fun in Osaka! Enjoy braised barbecue pork shank with smoked bacon macaroni and cheese and buttered spinach!