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Artworks, Aswell
HawtNoodle avatar

I wanted to ask this for a while, do you guys prefer to just see completed artworks from me or do you care for wips/sketches aswell?

2 5 590 Oct 2017


FriedClams avatar

I would like linguini with white clam sauce, garden salad with Italian vinaigrette, and a drink!

Oct 2017
syrup avatar

As someone who can't doodle a banana, I personally love seeing sketches and WIP's not just as a way to live vicariously but also to see the method and skill involved. It'd be a shame if you / others stopped sharing your WIP's, it's really fun to see.

Oct 2017
HawtNoodle avatar

Alright, I'll keep posting sketches/wips every so often.

1 Oct 2017
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