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What tools do you use?

Question Art

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One of the things that I've enjoyed a lot about BasilMarket is all the incredible artwork. It's cool that so many great artists have joined up here to share their work because there's such a great variety of stuff. I'm curious, what tools do you all use to create?

6 212 Aug 2017


Kaneki avatar

@captain i mainly use paint tool sai! but sometimes (rarely), i'll use a program called paintstorm. the only reason i'd use paintstorm is for backgrounds though.

Aug 2017
captain avatar

Uhh... I use Paint.net for many years now! Used to use a really old version of Photoshop and then realized that Paint.net is perfectly usable and MUCH faster. I do miss some of the text functionality though, P.net is quite limited in that regard.

Aug 2017
makiyumi avatar

Graphics Tablet : Wacom Intuos manga

Program : FireAlpaca/Medibang or Paint Tool SAI. (I kinda use FA more often than PTS because of the clear lines though.)

Edit : PhotoshopCS6 / PTS / MediBang / GIMP

It's not all complicated as it sounds like honestly haha, just time consuming

One minute i'm doing sketches at 5:50 pm, the next is line art and it's already 10:40 pm o - o;;

1 Aug 2017
syrup avatar

@makiyumi sounds like you've spent a lot of time honing your craft to know all those tools. I'm sure they are generally similar in a lot of ways, but having tried some of them, I know they are fairly different enough to take some time commitment.

Aug 2017
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