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Making, Art
Traffic Girl (finished)
6 3
FriedClams: Nice traffic girl! Celebrate by eating at the food truck of your choice!
captain: woo, great job! Fun(ny) and nice colours, shading, as always!
makiyumi: She can stop me any time if you catch my drift - -applies dark sunglasses-
Making, Art, Charas, Maple
a drawing i made for friends, some of our maple charas =v=/ making Art
7 7
captain: Very nicely done, Basura.
Basura: thanks everyone :)
makiyumi: OH MY GOSH GOALS
Making, Art, Yo, Mateys
How's it going, mateys? :>
6 4
MizuiChan: @FriedClams LOL, Mr. Food guy! xD
syrup: So many curves, complex stuff. Color color!
MizuiChan: @syrup I-I'll try!
Sketchbook, Facegrass, Artblock, FreahAir, Artwork
3 3
FriedClams: Draw a cheeseburger, fries, and a drink!
Kaneki: there's always prompto ;^))))
Basura: thats a pretty garden :)
Originalcharact, Originaldrawing, Digitaldrawing, Drawwithamouse, Timeconsuming
2 2
Kaneki: woah who are the two other people
HawtNoodle: Very nice.
Originalcharact, Originaldrawing, Digitaldrawing, Drawwithamouse, Workinprogress
Making, Art, Boop
6 4
MizuiChan: Ooo! Love this!
captain: cool, going to colour?
makiyumi: @captain Meh, it was a request by some dude who didn't even appreciate it e.eI didn't color it at first because I was busy with school, so i gave him the preview WIP image just to calm him down.I don't know if I even want to continue tbh
Paintstormstudi, Digitaldrawing, Animedrawing, Mangadrawing, Paintoolsai
Making, Art
last one i swear xD
7 3
Raginroxas: So freakin adorable!!!
FriedClams: Nice drawing! Celebrate with chocolate covered marshmallows!
MizuiChan: Oooooo! Cuties xD
Making, Art, SakuraGellyroll, SakuraMicrons, PokemonSun
Lillie and Nebby from Pokemon Sun/Moon in watercolours. I finally finished this painting after drawing it months ago and left it sitting in the dust like the usual.
10 3
syrup: omg this is so good! I love the art style. I hated watercolours in HS so hats off to anyone who can make it look good!
FriedClams: Wonderful drawing! Celebrate with sesame breadsticks!
Making, Art
Palette challenge art trade I did with someone
9 4
FriedClams: Good drawing! Celebrate with caviar!
Kaneki: i absoluTELY LOve bright colored backgrounds
Raginroxas: Ayyy Nice colors!
Illustration, Art, BonusDucks, Sketch, Took
Team Fortress 2 T-Shirt design: Bonus Ducks
5 2
syrup: oh nice likey
FriedClams: Nice design! Celebrate with foie gras!
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