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Making, Art, WIP
HawtNoodle avatar

So this is a THING I'm working on and it's still in an pretty early WIP stage. I'm not reaaaaaaally sure what do clothing-wise so it's still all pretty basic.
Don't mind all the colors, it's not of any importance.
making Art

7 7 398 Jul 2017


syrup avatar

I like the direction so far. Looks sci-fi, something fresh. I personally prefer innovative stuff like this over standard swords and sorcerers type art. Do you think about things at this stage a lot to try and figure out how to progress or do you just jump in, undo, repeat, until you get something you like?

4 Jul 2017
HawtNoodle avatar

@syrup Hmm I think I mentioned before that I don't start drawing until I have a clear idea of what I wanted, but the idea I wanted for this didn't work out so I had to make slight changes and now I'm rethinking stuff. The drawing is actually related to maplestory, if you can figure it out

Jul 2017
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