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Making, Art
Finished the Team Fortress 2 stickers, I'm pretty happy how they turned out.
making Art
6 4 28 Sunday


syrup avatar
syrup 296
Wow, these are so good, Noodle! Clearly a lot of work has gone into these. That each one has their own distinctive personality is really engaging! I wish there was a game featuring this kind of artwork / personality. Have you shared these elsewhere? Any response?
1 Sunday
HawtNoodle avatar
@syrup Hmm yeah I also upload on tumblr and deviantart, there were some people who liked them. I don't really get much traffic in general.
Kaneki avatar
Kaneki 543
now i'm curious. will you be making them into actual stickers??? that'd be pretty neat
1 Sunday
HawtNoodle avatar
@Kaneki My goal with these was to upload them on the Team Fortress 2 Merchandise Workshop, if I get enough votes (4 or 5 stars) they can be considered as actual stickers on the Valve store. I already have a T-shirt on there. But I'm going to make them into stickers myself via some online service.

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