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Making, Art, SakuraGellyroll, SakuraMicrons, PokemonSun
blazi4ever avatar

Lillie and Nebby from Pokemon Sun/Moon in watercolours. I finally finished this painting after drawing it months ago and left it sitting in the dust like the usual.

Inked with Sakura Microns + Sakura Gellyroll highlighting. Painted with Reeves Watercolours + tiny bit of goauche x food colouring, and Tombow Dual Brush Pens (skin only). making Art

10 4 332 Mar 2017


syrup avatar

omg this is so good! I love the art style. I hated watercolours in HS so hats off to anyone who can make it look good!

Mar 2017
FriedClams avatar

Wonderful drawing! Celebrate with sesame breadsticks!

Mar 2017
blazi4ever avatar

Thanks everyone! (sorry for the late reply, I disappeared for a month again). ;w;

Apr 2017
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