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syrup avatar

Holy crap this is SO good! Such modest shadowing, the little puffs and wiggles. So pro. What's the Korean say?

Jan 2017
Kaneki avatar

oo, you know korean??

also uhm I'M nOT SAING THIS TO BE MEAN I SWEAR your art is great
but the translation would be more closer to, "if we play games, we have to win"

i reallydon't mean to be mean or rude or anything sdjfnsjsj pleasedon'thateme.. i am just saying this as a korean

Jan 2017
Eternal avatar

@Kaneki I can also speak Korean, but not as good as native.
Geim-eul hamyeon igyeo yaji. = If game here you must.
Please correct my translation. I am Chinese. Hamyeon means "if". Igyeo means "here". Yaji means "must". That is why my translation ends up as; "If game here you must." . Where is the adverb that complement "must"? Teach me Korean and I'll teach you Chinese.

Jan 2017
FriedClams avatar

Wonderful drawing! Celebrate with plain steamed buns!

Jan 2017
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