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I made a design for the NX design contest that's currently going on over at the Maplestory website, my design is Punk inspired.
You can vote for my thing over here: Maplestory each vote would be appreciated a lot since they increase the chances of winning, but it's ofcourse not a must
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6 1426 2017-8-24


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I had a look at the other entries, and not to be mean, but yours is hands down the awesomest.

I went to the official site but it seems that voting is not open yet? Let us know when it is I will be sure to vote!

I would slay turkeys for that shirt IRL!

1 2017-8-25
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@syrup I think they mean the Thumb Up thing on the forum. I'm not sure, I'll post another post if this is not the case.

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just sayin, i would KILL for that bottom piece. MMMMMMMM (it reminds me of prompto hhh) it has such a cool design. i also really like the lil goggles!! we definitely need more goggles than little hair pieces that just makes your head look obnoxiously bigger :^) i also dig the gloves :eyes:

1 2017-8-24
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@Kaneki Yah, I'd kill for some decend goggles in MS. We only got these Spectrum Goggles as far as I know but still....they don't go on your head.