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Illustration, Art, Drew
HawtNoodle avatar

The first time I drew this my switch crashed halfway through so I had to start over...took me WAY too long all together.
(also finished the line art for the other drawing in case you're wondering) Art Illustration

2 4 634 Sep 2017


captain avatar

yes, yes we were wondering! When's it out?

Did you do that pixel font yourself (the haha's)? This is another piece. Is there some kind of hashtag for these kind of art? Splart maybe?

1 Sep 2017
HawtNoodle avatar

@captain Do you mean with 'when's it out' for the other drawing? Because I want to try and finish it this week (can't promise). I did all fonts myself except the the big fat ones, I had to redraw everything in photoshop to spare time on the switch, so I just typed it out rather than making it myself.

Sep 2017 - Edited: Sep 18 2017
Helpingly avatar

That's amazingly creepy and cute at the same time.

Sep 2017
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