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Illustration, Art, Greenie, Larger, Basil
Beefly avatar

It's a drawing of most of my basil avatars, 4 of them are existing characters in game (blue, green, purple, red).

Illustration Art

10 12 1222 Sep 2017


Raginroxas avatar

I just cant get enough of your work Kibble. Never stop doing what you do.

1 Sep 2017
syrup avatar

so gooooooooood. I love that you gave each one a specific palette. Very cool!

Sep 2017
Kaneki avatar

they're all so cute it's illegal??? pURP is my favorite

1 Sep 2017
Lily avatar

This would make such a beautiful banner! So pretty! I really need to learn how to line art so perfectly like this!

Sep 2017
Painfool avatar

FlareFairy is still best Fairy. Surprised she lost her twintails though (open hair looks good on her nevertheless).

Why do yar existing Fairies have various bug feelers, though?

1 Nov 2017
Beefly avatar

@Painfool because I can do that, that's the beauty of drawing. No NX required.

Nov 2017 - Edited: Nov 06 2017
zigen avatar

wtf kibs u never told me u drew all these kawaii things

kibs im gona cry ur so good

Mar 2018
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