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Illustration, Art, Maplestory, Autoposts, Thumbnail
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Hi enjoy this preview image of a crotch.

Drawing of @RaiuRaiu's Maplestory Character.

By the way, if I upload this image on BZL and Basil separately and knowing Basil autoposts screens to BZL, does this mean this image will get posted twice here?

Illustration Art

10 9 969 Nov 2017


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Last time it was just post a .jpeg file. This time it was edit the post itself and reupload a .png image. I don't like this uploading puzzle game.

Nov 2017 - Edited: Nov 08 2017
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Awesome!!! Love that spear! Really cool drawing, I like the transparent slime sandals too - [email protected]@ Nice fun sticker-like thing too (bottom-left). Moar plox.

Nov 2017
RaiuRaiu avatar

Ohmygawd thank you for drawing me! This is so wonderful! ;w;

Nov 2017
FriedClams avatar

Good drawing! Celebrate with a BLT with avocado on your choice of toast with your choice of fries or chips!

Nov 2017
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Preview image of FlareFairy's crotch would be many more enjoyable.

Nov 2017 - Edited: Nov 09 2017
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HAHAHA omg this is actually so awkward it's hilarious!

Dec 2017
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