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Greetings BZL'rs. I'm hoping to get some feedback on a fairly big feature I'm considering implementing please.

BZL's story posting functionality is somewhat limited in the sense that it is used like a blog entry where you might share a screen or video or some piece of news. My thought is to also create a way to ask questions, share opinions, etc - a forum.

The forums would be limited to Games, Anime and Art. Posting to these forums would be simple - ie, add 'forum art' when adding a new story. Optionally, you could click a 'forum' button which expands to show a list of available forums. Focus would be placed on simplicity and keeping the interface clean.

Forum threads would be shown on the right column like on the above image. The story column would be condensed to one per row just as many social media sites do.

What do you think of this? Any suggestions? Concerns?

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Asking for feedback is the perfect reason to enjoy a bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries!

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It's an interesting idea, I also wonder about the thing Benevolentia asked.

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Will posts tagged for the forum be included or excluded from the regular story feed? If they are still included then this feels a bit redundant and repetitive. If they are being excluded and will only be located in their 'forum' then yes, I quite like it.

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@benevolentia the posts will be excluded / separate. So if your post is marked as a forum, it will not show up in the story feed. Similarly, if it doesn't have a forum tag, it will not show up in the forums. If you're familiar with BasilMarket that paradigm is what we'll be doing where the forums and screens/videos are separate.