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Well, it's been a while...
I'll get straight to the point. I've been gone for a very long time mostly because of the fact that I couldn't log in anymore but also because of RL stuff (work/studies related). I've mostly worked horrible jobs which are the bottom of the barrel and they were mentally draining. I got the chance to follow a study for a job I really liked, but failed at the end. I've been struggling (and still am a bit) with low self esteem when it comes to my own art, but I'm working on that (it's probably because I wasn't feeling 100% with all the job/study crap going on).

On a positive note, I got a new job recently with awesome folks and co-workers which I never could've imagined so things are looking good.
I also want to let you all know that regardless of my absence, I've been lurking and popping in every now and then when I couldn't log in and it's awesome to see how some of you have grown with your own art in only a couple of months!

That all being said, I'd like to thank everyone for being an awesome community and for keeping a smile on my face all this time.
I don't really know when I'll be posting again though, if you REALLY want to see stuff there's prolly a link to my Twitter/DA somewhere where I post my stuff still.

I'll leave you all with one final drawing for the time being and may you all succeed in what you do Art

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